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Where Should I live Stream?


There are a limitless number of destinations for your live stream, including your own website, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Periscope (Twitter), and CDN.

Nowadays, live-streaming has become a lifestyle permeating every aspect of life. Research shows that audiences spend 3x more time watching live streaming video on average. It’s the prime time for live streaming, and if you miss the boat, you could be missing out on huge traffic numbers and the ability to create customer loyalty. Tons of social media platforms are starting to integrate live streaming, making it even easier to reach customers.

What Live Streaming Platforms You Should Use?

Facebook Live

Of all of the streaming platforms, Facebook Live is the most popular because of its social power. When you already have a large audience on Facebook, you may find Facebook Live an important destination for your live streams because of its potential for high viewership.

This platform allows users to share content on Facebook as per the taste of friends and followers. People love to live stream on this platform from their profiles, pages as well as from public figures. The best part is that you will be able to interact with potential viewers on a real-time basis.


When you think about video on the internet, YouTube is the biggest name in the industry. With over 1 billion unique viewers each month, the platform is an effective space for sharing your digital video content.

YouTube Live assists users to broadcast their content on a real-time basis via the YouTube channel. This platform is designed with impressive analytics and it offers incredible services like chats, tools as well as an interactive platform for communication.

Your Own Website

Your own site is the place where you can best serve your viewers with your brand and your resources.


It is a popular live streaming platform as well as an on-demand video platform that assists users to watch anything they like directly from their console and PC. It provides access to all-powerful platforms for the fastest live streaming.

Periscope (Twitter)

Periscope is the platform of choice for Twitter. Periscope is increasingly more natively integrated with Twitter— it's now essentially “Twitter Live,” even though it still maintains its own platform separate from the Twitter-sphere. Many organizations with active Twitter accounts can benefit from streaming live video to that destination.

Other Destinations

There are many other places you may want to send your live stream. Each one of those comes with its unique advantages and disadvantages.You don't need to stream to every destination. If you don't have a YouTube audience already, it's probably not worth your time to manage a stream there. Pick a few spots that work for you and focus on growing your audience in those places.

Simulcasting (Streaming To Multiple Destinations)

Simulcasting is the name for live streaming to multiple destinations—your website, Facebook Live, Youtube Live—simultaneously.

Multi-destination streaming a great way for organizations to grow their audiences. If you aren't sending your broadcast to various platforms, you're missing out on viewership.

We specialize in LIVE streaming


Why Live Streaming/ Live video broadcast over the internet?

Live Streaming

Get the right exposure and share your event Live for the world to watch.

This is a state-of-the-art marketing strategy that will enable your organization to achieve a good return on investment, ROI. Your audience is not restricted to the seating capacity but across the borderless world. You now have the capability to reach countless international audience. Potentially, anyone with an Internet connection may watch your live video broadcast.
Roi Live Streaming
live recording
In this technology age, your audience is not restricted to watching your video on the computer. This Live Global broadcast can be viewed on The Ipad, Iphone, Android and even the smart plasma television. As such you can even reach your audience who is on the move. When your broadcast has ended your audience will be able to rewind, pause, play and fast-forward with just a click of a mouse. The whole concept of advertising and the dimension of reach and viewership has reached a magnitude never before imagined and its continues to grow.
When it comes to live broadcast/ live streaming it can be a pain choosing the right package for your needs. We will be more than happy to advise including providing pointers on the process and tips on the event management.

Streaming, on mobile

We deliver your programme to just about any hardware / browser configuration, including the majority of the World's popular mobile devices

Highest HD quality

Every transmission leaves our van or portable module at HD quality, while arriving at the end point at the appropriate quality for the viewer.

Live social media streaming

Leverage the power of social media to reach new audiences, and engage existing viewers.

Moderated chat

Instant, and personal: engage your viewers with a (moderated) chat - and display the interactions as part of the stream.

What makes WahCool Live Streaming Service special?

Our experience has enabled us to overcome the numerous problems with Live-streams including
buffering video, connection lost and even drop frame cause by internet instability and reliabilities. This frustrates viewers who may stop watching the broadcast giving a high audience drop out rate. We possess powerful encoder, decoder, servers and other hardware to minimise if not eliminate such issues.
lara oh lara

Lara Oh Lara Season 1

Program Realiti Lara Oh Lara

Lara Alana, puteri kepada pasangan selebriti Awal Ashaari dan Scha Alyahya, telah mencatat sejarah apabila pengikutnya mencecah 2.1 juta di Instagram dan lebih 1 juta di Facebook.

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Menerusi program Lara Oh Lara ini, penonton akan dapat mengikuti perkembangan Lara sambil mengekori lebih banyak aktiviti berbeza berbanding apa yang dikongsi di laman sosial selama ini. Program yang akan bersiaran selama 13 episod ini akan menyelami kehidupan berwarna warni Lara Alana, seorang puteri yang mempunyai sifat ingin tahu dan periang, selain memaparkan mereka sekeluarga berhadapan dengan pelbagai situasi menarik.

In loving memory Norazian Zahir, Executive Producer Lara Oh Lara.

Awal Ashaari & Scha Alyahya made a song dedicated to our supervising DOP during the filming of Lara Oh Lara Season 1. Our team had a great time filming with this amazing couple Awal/Scha, not forgetting Lara, Joy and all the supporting talents. Thank you so much for allowing us to film part of your lives.


We really appreciate the opportunity given by Astro, Kak Azian, Salimin, Wan, Kavitha, Hidayat, Azi and their entire team.

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bts Chef Wan

a glimpse behind the scenes of Selera Rasa Seksa with Chef Wan

Di Sebalik Tabir

Get a glimpse behind the scenes of Selera Rasa Seksa, hosted by celebrity chef Datuk Chef Wan. This program was originally aired on Astro Warna. Each episode two celebrity guests will face each other in a cook-off challenge judge by Chef Wan.

bts Chef Wan
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Datuk Redzuawan Ismail, or better known as Chef Wan, is a Singapore-born Malaysian celebrity chef.

IMG 4658 WahCool
sinchewnews 676x1104 1 WahCool


Sheng Wang featured article on Sin Chew Daily newspaper.Sin Chew Daily, formerly known as Sin Chew Jit Poh, is a leading Chinese-language newspaper in Malaysia. Sin Chew Daily has an average daily circulation of almost 500,000 copies and also the largest-selling Chinese-language newspaper outside Greater China.

讓我先告訴你我的工作背景。我現在負責一間視頻製作公司的營運,本公司從事5個不同領域的專業, 包括活動和電視的網上直播、創意內容製作、廣播和電影製作的技術及設備支持,及後期製作服務如視頻剪輯,音頻配音、視覺效果和航拍錄像直播。我們是使用無人機航拍的先驅,直到最近,使用無人機依然是相對新的專業。我們是馬來西亞第一家公司,能結合無人機和無線攝像技術,以傳送用於電視直播的視頻。

我是在還在穿著校服,準備參加PMR考試的時候就對視頻製作產生興趣。考完PMR後,我有很多時間和熱情去製作創意視頻。 我用了其中一部短片參加通訊及文化部、RTM和國家電影局聯辦的短片比賽,從那,政府給了我很多機會參加國際活動和工作坊。其中最引人注目的是代表馬來西亞參加在菲律賓舉辦的東盟 – 韓國獨立電影工作室,以製作一部在釜山國際電影節首映的劇情片。我後來獲得拉曼大學的通信學士學位,然後通過Astro培訓計劃在澳洲公里技職學院TAFE獲得廣播、技術製作和營運專業文憑。

許多公司可能不願意投資新技術,因為這可能需要高資本支出。但在WahCool,我們購入新的技術資產,因為我們知道這將影響生產力和成果的素質。我們向客戶提供這樣的技術, 不必打破他們的預算,且最終具有成本效益。

最近幾個月,我開始為業內人士進行培訓和研討會。最近一次的培訓課程是在RTM培訓中心IPPTAR進行,訓練生、導演、編輯、工程師都有參加,我也在大學講課。這樣的課程使我能夠回饋我所學所知所經歷的,為行業做出貢獻。我希望鼓勵和影響創新, 同時提高業界對現有技術的認識。 在分享過程中,我能夠感受到行業的脈搏。
總的來說,我鼓勵繼續學習,採用更新的技術,鼓勵創新和分享想法。我相信,如果人民更進步,教育程度更高,更努力工作,更願意創新,如果我們先作為一個個人改進自己,那國家肯定會變得更好。 .
Sin Chew Article
Lee Sheng Wang shared insights


Drawing on his technical and experiences in Helicam, Head of operations, technical and creative at WahCool Networks, Lee Sheng Wang shared insights into broadcast and Helicam application at a talk organised by the IPPTAR ( Institut Penyiaran dan Penerangan Tun Abdul Razak) on 4 August 2016 at RTM, Angkasapuri.

15319170 10208010785968331 3379175386677878359 n 960x925 2 WahCool
Lee Sheng Wang shared insights

With information from Lee’s experiences, the talk presented an unparalleled opportunity for participants to gain a better understanding of the journey to becoming a Helicam Operator, from the responsibilities and tasks involved to the benefits of being a professional in this industry.

Lee Sheng Wang shared insights