Live-stream is Live broadcast to the entire world

Live-stream is a modern age, impactful and cost effective media increasingly being used by market and customer centric organisations to engage with their customers and stakeholders to create extraordinary experiences.

The broadcast can be from multiple locations in different geographies and can be made interactive. Live-stream overcomes the limitations of venue and can be targeted specifically at different social media and device users.

Live-stream provides the excitement of being part of the event, highly effective in creating brand loyalty. This media optimises on the benefit of retaining the viewership attention over an extended period of time. You are able to create and broadcast contents of your choice at any time of the day. The interactive feature allows for real-time participation and feedback of information absent in one-way communication.

Typically, Live-streams are used in corporate, religious, sports, social and political events like product launches, inaugural ceremonies, sports carnival, religious festivals, opening and closing ceremonies or important events, competitions, political meetings, Annual activities and many other significant activities. Live-stream has emerged to be in the agenda of many promotional programs.

WahCool Networks is a pioneer in Live-streams. We have worked with discerning clients and have all the time delivered beyond expectations. We understand clients needs and have stretched our expertise to deliver top rated broadcast using available technologies match with our creative problem solving abilities and the passion to delight clients.


Our experience has enabled us to overcome the numerous problems with Live-streams including

buffering video, connection lost and even drop frame cause by internet instability and reliabilities. This frustrates viewers who may stop watching the broadcast giving a high audience drop out rate. We possess powerful encoder, decoder, servers and other hardware to minimise if not eliminate such issues. Our intelligent server system that uses sophisticated algorithm is able to package and distribute your data to multiple networks and combine the data into a final video output. In essence, where the internet connection is not stable our system is able generate the required quality video output for broadcast.

We are able to distribute to multiple channels simultaneously, streaming to different Facebook users or Facebook page account, Youtube channel, live stream, CDN or even our private server with encrypted password access.

We are able to seamlessly cut from one camera angle to another, video playback or slow-motion replay with our Multiple Camera Production setup by deploying cameras around your venue to give your viewer different perspectives and angle of the event. This is similar to how you see the TV station does their live broadcast of concert, award show, speeches, product launches and also sport coverage. Our years of experience in Live-streams places us miles ahead of any other service providers.

YouTube Facebook CDN


There are a variety of other features you can incorporate in your Live-stream!

Give a bit more color to your live streaming by including visual enhancer like lower third, crawler, sponsor’s logo and even score bug. Our graphic generator works in real-time enabling you to make any changes during the live broadcast and allowing you to include Instagram, Twitter and Facebook comments or a picture to pop-up during your broadcast.


HD Real-time two-way

If you like to include more interactivity, we can intergrade a two-way communication where two different locations would be able to talk to each other and in real time and on live broadcast. This works great if you are trying to feature another content at another location.


We are also now offering Live Streaming for VR 360 video!

with Multi-Cast support.

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