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WahCool In Action!

Ever Wondered What Happens Behind The Scenes At Our Video Production?

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Lee Sheng Wang

BTS – We Can Create Amazingly Smooth Tracking Shots.


Using DJI Ronin Gimbal Stabilizer On A Easyrig support system while using our Segway.
This provides us with fast easy mobility to create an exciting new shot and angle never possibilities before!

BTS – Lara Oh Lara Season 1


Awal Ashaari & Scha Alyahya made a song dedicated to our supervising DOP during the filming of Lara Oh Lara Season 1. Our team had a great time filming with this amazing couple Awal/Scha, not forgetting Lara, Joy and all the supporting talents. Thank you so much for allowing us to film part of your lives.

Get an inside look at all the hard work that went into completing the production!